Have you ever had a Battery Stolen?

A huge 80% of Tradies have! Here at Batloc we are determined to reduce Battery theft onsite and give you a Peace of Mind while you work!

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this is a photo of the batloc box set up with the milwaukee batteries and charger inside of it. there are also two exposed chargers next to it that show how easy it is to steal them...

Are you sick of Worrying about your batteries every time you put them on charge?

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Take the stress out of charging.


  • Hilti Brand and logo to show customers that my product is compatible with HIlit products

Fits Most popular singular battery chargers!

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Why Batloc?

Made out of the toughest Plastic in the world!

By using Polycarbonate With injection molding we are able to produce a box that doesn't conduct electricity or Buckle or Bend out of shape if you hit it.

You can stand on it and kick it...This one tough mudder! 

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3 Digit Combination Locking system!

Forget about your loosing your keys all the time all you need to do is remember three numbers!

The Batloc box includes a 3-Digit combination lock at the front and a 3 digit combination chain at the back so you can secure it to the powerstation, Handrail or stud wall! 

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Secure your charger into the box for ultimate protection!

Every box will come with two Velcro straps that you use to strap down your brand of charger! 

This is so you can carry the box around without damaging the charger inside. Once the charger is strapped in all that you will have to do is swap your batteries once they charge.

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Designed and tested so your batteries won't overheat!

After months of testing with all of the popular brands of chargers we have came up with a design that offers maximum protection while allowing the battery and charger to breathe! 

Tested and approved by VIPAC Australia!

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"Sorry mate I thought that Battery was mine"

Personally we think this is a crappy excuse. Its easy enough for anyone to say they took yours by mistake when in reality its just a get out of jail free card... 

Batloc not only prevents Battery theft but also stops people from accidentally taking yours too! 

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Built by a tradie for a tradie!

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